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A consumer’s perception can have various meanings but in marketing, it is often described as a process by which a consumer identifies, organizes, and interprets information to create meaning. A consumer will selectively perceive what they will ultimately classify as their needs and wants.

Perception is a psychological variable involved in the Purchase Decision Process that is known to influence Consumer Behavior.

Selective perceptions are categorized under two types: Low level – Perceptual vigilance and High level – Perceptual defense.

Perception can be shaped by learning, memory and expectations.

Entrepreneurs opt to social media presence and communicate their messages using visuals in order to appeal to their target audience and improve reach. Marketers use photographs as an efficient communication tool and to generate more sales. Meanwhile, social media managers make platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook predominantly visual in order to elevate audience engagement and involvement.

Never underestimate the power of visuals. You can create a brand, tell a story, establish credibility and engage with your customers through photography. You appeal to the majority of people at once as 65% are visual learners, so use it to your advantage!

Investing in high-quality visuals makes a world of a difference. People who shop on their phones find photos to be the key feature. 63% of consumers say that images are more important than product descriptions, while 53% believe that visuals are more significant than ratings or reviews.

Here’s a great article that gives 10 ways to promote my photography! Most of these suggests I have been working on for some time now. I think this is where ‘patience is a virtual’ holds very true.

VALS segments US adults into eight distinct types—or mindsets—using a specific set of psychological traits and key demographics that drive consumer behavior. The US Framework, a graphic representation of VALS, illustrates the eight types and two critical concepts for understanding consumers: primary motivation and resources. The combination of motivations and resources determines how a person will express himself or herself in the marketplace as a consumer.

VALS assigns individuals a VALS type on the basis of their responses to questions in the VALS Survey. VALS-typing populations of interest, such as customers or constituents, is the first step in a VALS approach to achieving strategic marketing and communication goals.

Using VALS provides clients with:

  • A fresh perspective by effectively “putting them inside the head” of their customers
  • Rich, customized, consumer profiles or personas
  • Distinctive communication styles of their best targets.


Your VALS™ Type
Primary Type: StriversSecondary Type: Makers

Your primary VALS type means that you are most like the Strivers consumer group. Your secondary type—the group you are next most like—is Makers.

Your primary VALS type represents your dominant approach to life. The secondary type represents a emphasis on the dominant approach.

Primary Motivation: Ideals, Achievement, and Self-Expression

The concept of primary motivation explains consumer attitudes and anticipates behavior. VALS includes three primary motivations that matter for understanding consumer behavior: ideals, achievement, and self-expression. Consumers who are primarily motivated by ideals are guided by knowledge and principles. Consumers who are primarily motivated by achievement look for products and services that demonstrate success to their peers. Consumers who are primarily motivated by self-expression desire social or physical activity, variety, and risk. These motivations provide the necessary basis for communication with the VALS types and for a variety of strategic applications.


A person’s tendency to consume goods and services extends beyond age, income, and education. Energy, self-confidence, intellectualism, novelty seeking, innovativeness, impulsiveness, leadership, and vanity play a critical role. These psychological traits in conjunction with key demographics determine an individual’s resources. Various levels of resources enhance or constrain a person’s expression of his or her primary motivation.

 I do strive to be the best person I can be and when I’m dabbling with different types of photography, I feel a sense of contentment because I’m doing what I love. My secondary group is Makers, and I can see where I would get this because I do try and make the best out of every day and I also make jewelry. If I put enough into these two hobbies, I can make something of it. #Patienceisavirtue


Consumer Behavior Paragraph & Diagram

My thought process of homework and what motivates me is my self-conscious emotions of pride that my appeal was approved, yet I also feel guilty for not being able to put as much time into my homework as I had planned. I’m emotionally involved between this and my new job I just started and enjoy. My first two weeks I’ve proudly put overtime in. The outcome appraisal of my situation ended up working out for me because I wasn’t the only one behind apparently and got extra time to finish.  As I was creating my diagram, my thought process with self-actualization and the need for personal fulfillment is my future degree. The reason I’m going through this process is to increase my self-esteem and grow with a company that is proud to have me working with them. The feeling of belongingness and work family love is something I’ve yearned for over the years but haven’t found it, until now (I hope). Safety and job security are very important in the career field and it seems I’m in a good place for that. Physiologically I need this degree to move forward in my career and ultimately work from home.


The need for personal fulfillment.

Personal fulfillment is achievement of life goals which are important to an individual, in contrast to the goals of society, family and other collective obligations. Personal fulfillment is an ongoing journey for a human individual.


The need to be recognized as a person of worth.

Safety & Security

Safety is the prevention of accidents. Security is the prevention of malicious activities by people.

Belongingness & Love

after physiological and safety needs have been fulfilled, the third level of human needs is social and involves feelings of belongingness. The need for interpersonal relationships motivates behavior.


Things needed for basic survival. Anything physiological has to do with the body and its systems. 

Consumer Comprehension Concept and Essentially Inspired

Definition  the interpretation or understanding that a consumer develops about some attended stimulus in order to assign meaning. Its influenced by external factors within the consumers environment.

It is important for marketers to study consumer behavior. It is important for them to know consumers as individual or groups opt for, purchase, consumer or dispose products and services and how they share their experience to satisfy their needs.

Example of a photo edit

For questions, or just want to look at my gallery

Facebook Analysis

Social Media Content Analysis/Audit

After ‘social listening’ on Facebook and Instagram, I learned why they really do hashtags. I thought it was just a trend, but turns out it really helps for brands, businesses and organizations to promote their services and/or products. Some people do it to be #trendy though too and I think that’s ok for the fun of it. This gave me a better idea of how I should promote my own hobby/business. I also learned that video posts seem to rank the highest in views, comments and sharing for a lot of smaller businesses who are local.

Pictures of food seems to be a trend. Whether its food you cooked/baked yourself or going to a restaurant. The art of food is a big deal. I, myself love food and usually do post a pic of my sushi when I go to #SushiPirate or #VFC (Viroqua Food Coop) because its always amazing there!

My suggestion to Buhi’s Content Marketing Manager is to start a trend when someone buys a bag from Buhi, they encourage the consumer to take a picture of the bag or a selfie with the bag and use hashtags or post a video and add a hashtag.

Buhi should brainstorm active ways to get their audience involved online and advertise that they will give away a prize at the end. This will engage their consumers and bring forth more sales too, possibly.

Some posts would work best if its in a timely manner such as holidays or depending on the time of the year whether its hiking weather or snow shoeing weather.

It’s important to know who your audience is. For instance, college students are a great target for bags and back packs. Also, moms who have purses and diaper bags to carry usually end up with more of a tote type bag for all their personal and baby items. Someone who travels a lot would benefits from several bags at once and typically luggage bags with wheels and handles are great and convenient.

I feel like using a picture of a video that is eye catching, such as the one below will help boost activity. As you can see, Jules is enjoying a beautiful day, looks like she’d going on a little adventure with her backpack. I’m guessing she has a camera and maybe some snacks. You can also see the number of likes and followers on this page.

I love this post. There’s a lot of likes, loves, and quite a few shares as well. I feel like from a photographer standpoint, this image is eye catching. I love the cat tail looking wild grass field, and you can tell there’s a little breeze going on too. Juli is obviously back packing, taking a journey in the outdoors to free herself with her awesome bag.

Events are important to promote and inform people of what is going on and what they can do to partake in festivities. This event sounds like something I’d go to if I lived closer. I’m kind of a sucker for things like this, exploring, walking and taking pics of whatever, I feel is unique and eye catching!

essentiallyInspiredphotography& Art Blog

There is more to life than….

…I want to say paycheck because it’s the truth, however, realistically we all need them. We all have to get a paycheck this day in age if we want to survive. What does it take to survive? The answer is different for different people. In my case, I’m a single, full-time working mother trying to make her goal of working from home happen. I want to be able to use my skills, interests and hobbies together to create beautiful art through photography, crafting and distributing/sharing Young Living.

You might ask what inspired me to start all this.

Several years ago, I was in my first (and hopefully my last) car accident. A friend and I were on our way to pick up my son when the driver of an oncoming vehicle hit us, sending us spinning to the other side of the road and facing the opposite direction. If it wasn’t for my friend’s quick thinking, things would have probably been worse. Thankfully, other than a sprained finger, we were ok but shaken up badly. Being in an accident can mentally scar you for life and have developed PTSD. After years of prescription use that wasn’t working and only giving me side effects, I decided to try a more natural approach. I enjoy learning about energies with crystals and the healing power of prayer, in fact, I get little ‘’geeked out’’ with it.

A few hobbies that help ease my anxieties is photography, crafting and of course my essential oils. There is something about using the sunrise or the golden hour to find the perfect picture, making something beautiful for someone and don’t forget the oils to help relax me! When I’m relaxed the ideas and work just flow. Basically, each picture taken, each piece of jewelry made has a story behind it.

My intent with my website is that I use my content marketing techniques of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to spread and share love.

Here is a link about why I love Young Living specifically.

Here’s a link that I can relate with and why I love photography and how I want to use it as my career someday, not just my hobby.

*proper grammar, spelling and clean talk is out the window in my blogs.

Elementor #52

Losing My Mind AND Personal Growth

Focus on the positive. Focus on the positive. Focus on the positive.

I feel like they’re trying to divert my focus to the positive in my life or else I might lose my mind LOL.

Let’s be real for a minute. What does ‘losing your mind’ really mean anyway? Google says, “Go crazy, lose one’s sanity, as in I thought she’d lost her mind when she said she was going ice-fishing, or That assignment is enough to make me lose my reason. The first expression dates from the late 1500s; the second employs reason in the sense of “unimpaired mental faculties,” a usage dating from the late 1300s.” To me it means you’ve lost your focus- I go through these periods of time where I feel so lost and not focused and I feel like there isn’t help. Call the doctor or counselor but they’re out of the office or booked solid. Great, now what? Find a friend, go for a walk, listen to music, yoga, meditate, and focus on the positive, focus on the positive, focus on the positive – like a mantra! Post stickies everywhere! Smudge your home, office, YOURSELF! Not sure what smudging is? Here’s an excellent video explaining what it does and how it can help move you to more positive energy.

One little thing can really throw my focus off. What to know what gets me out of a funk? My ‘tunage’, crafting and making jewelry using crystals and stones to help heal and create some calmness. Don’t forget to add some calming aroma using essential oils <3

The picture here makes the stone look light in color –

Goldstone is a protective warrior stone; the Goldstone crystal helps you get out of your head and back down to earth. This powerful grounding stone is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns.

Let’s talk photography!

When I’m focused on taking a good shot and get one I love it keeps me motivated to take another and another, until I feel I’ve accomplished taking a picture people will see and say, “Wow, that’s amazing talent!” Peak times are early morning and sunsets (golden and blue hour), mid-day can be a little challenging getting the right light but with the knowledge of what settings to use on a camera it can be done.

This is Bridge 18 over the Kickapoo River on our Kickapoo Valley Reserve ( and a path I enjoy walking and just taking it all in. I come here for peace and solitude.

I caught this sunset literally seconds before the sun set.

This was taken on top of the hill by the La Farge Dam. If you’re not familiar with the history of this, its pretty interesting! You can read about it here if you’d like >

My point-

It’s ok to ‘lose your mind’ every now and again, everyone does it – just so we are safe about it, in which case please call for help or have someone do it for you ( It helps to redirect your attention in a positive direction. Sometimes when its warm I like to go outside with a good book and read, then go for a walk to take some shots. Go for a walk or go have coffee with a friend, create art, music, whatever your talent. Allowing yourself some self-care time is important for your health. Oh, and don’t forget to use some oils too! ; D

Starting Of New Life Quotes Emmy Van Deurzen☀ #fbpe Phd On | Namaste, Future And Doors – Quotes About Inspiration…0.0..0.73.398.7……0….1..gws-wiz-img.nSsKY2uwPvo#imgrc=jPALyGsTQrSvnM:

About me

Hi, welcome to Inspired Creations by Danielle – aka Rowdy – thank you for taking time to stop by!

You probably want to look at what I do – AWESOME! First though, let me tell you a little bit about me, what and why I do what I do.

I am a full-time HARD working, strong-willed, single mother going to college part-time for Digital Marketing with a career goal to obtain my degree and work from home. I graduated from La Farge High School, attended WWTC from 2001-2005 where I obtained my Associates Degree in Business Science and have been working in healthcare for the past 10 years and customer service for the past 17 years. I currently work at Vernon Memorial Healthcare (VMH) as a Patient Service Rep (PSR). My hobbies include music, crafting, photography and my essential oils! My son, Daegan, just started middle school this year and we live on the family farm with our cats. Aside from being built strong-willed I have a sensitive side to me that has a HUGE heart for little things in life. I’m driven by kind hearted souls that love with all they have, who fight like warriors and laugh in the face of evil negativity.

Let’s talk Young Living (YL) essential oils (EOs) for a minute. I am SO PASSIONATE about YL and how pure and natural they are!! I use them for everything through out my days. There is an oil for everything!  I make my own toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, I cook with them, use them in DIY projects (i.e. salves, creams, scrubs, lip balms, body scents, etc.), I diffuse them and just about anything else you can think of! I honestly rarely (knock on wood) go to the doctor for any acute issue anymore. Young Living’s EOs are pure and natural and have been a godsend for me! I used to take medications that made me feel groggy, nauseous and just not myself. After speaking to a friend whose significant other has brain cancer and how YL has helped them out so much, she gave me samples to try and I FELL IN LOVE!!<3

I love to craft unique jewelry with crystals and stones that are powerful and have meaning. For example, if I’m feeling negative and having a bad day, I’ll wear my rose quartz necklace, or take it with me and keep it close by. You must positively interact with your body’s energy field and believe in it. Add a little vetiver or sage for an earthy scent to help focus on what you need to become more positive. I love to incorporate my YLEOs with beads when making jewelry. Put a drop of EO on a lava bead and you can enjoy the scent all day while it energizes or helps calm you during your day. BEST STUFF EVA!

Photography has become my thing to de-stress. So far, shooting nature and micro photography has been my thing, but I do want to take step beyond my comfort zone and dabble with other types. I love all the different ways you can work with snapping that shot. I LOVE ‘the golden hour’ or ‘blue hour’ and night photography but need a better camera to try that- someday <3 I eventually would like to get into boudoir because I enjoy helping others feel good about themselves. I hope to have my own successful photography business <3

While I’m doing what I love, I’m usually listening to music because I feel music brings out more creativity. I love doing what I do – it helps calm me and helps me find a center in myself. (Guess what song JUST popped in my head?! Sober by Tool<3) Plus, I’m usually making something for someone because…. I love to make people happy- I love to put a smile on someone’s face.

Music is a HUGE part of me. It helps me express myself and what I’m feeling. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ~ by Kelly Clarkson is a song that has stuck with me since the day I heard it. It speaks so much truth for me, I love it! Check it out if you haven’t already,

Thanks for taking time to check my stuff out! Want to get into contact with me? SWEEEEEEEET! Shoot me an e-mail, or you can even check my Facebook page Rowdy’s<3 Essential<3 Oils<3 out!





My Self- Assessment

Self-Assessment: About me

Life’s Changing Experiences

I want to wake up one day and feel completely at peace. I want to hold that peace and share it with everyone and with any luck make this world a better place to live. I want to share experiences and knowledge that others may not know. One question though is how I am going to do this. I keep telling myself, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Almost a year ago I decided to get off my butt and do something about this lost feeling, I applied for financial aid. It was a long process, but I finished and waited weeks. I finally got the e-mail that my application had been reviewed for consideration and I waited another few weeks. Finally got the e-mail I was accepted and needed to find a program to study. I contacted WTC and they set me up with a counselor that helped me pick a program that fit my hobbies and interests. Yay!!!

Now, here I am in the Digital Marketing Career Preparation course and already starting to blog for my website! This course has already taught me so much about myself that I feel I was in denial with. I scored the highest in discovering self-motivation. Funny too because I don’t have the motivation, but it got me to submit that application and now (so far) I’m doing better than I did 17 years ago. This class gives me motivation to continue being myself, which Is why I love this assignment, even though writing a blog is more complicated than a journal (or maybe the curated template just has a lot of info for help). Hopefully once I get the hang of it, it’ll come natural to me.

My second highest score is accepting personal responsibility. I feel I have learned this all too well working for VMH. I’ve worked there for 10 years now and I have had to accept a lot of personal responsibility to be at work every day. The moral of VMH has really gone downhill over the past couple years. We have a new medical record software that we share with Gundersen and are now financially suffering because it costs so much for the program plus training. It has resulted in not being trained professionally, which has led to mistakes being made and no bonuses for employees and longer. I take personally responsibility for the mistakes I do make there, however, I feel if we had the proper training it would have helped. Its causing too much stress for me to remember everything, get used to using the program, now they have changed the content of it again. Frustrating!!!

This self- assessment opened my eyes to the fact that I believe but I don’t believe much in myself. That is something I want to change for myself and for my son, to show him it can be done! I also scored low in self-awareness which does surprise me a little because I feel very aware of myself but maybe not as much as I should. Mastering self-management is a close tie to employing self-interdependence. These are also a slap in the face because I live life alone. I’m a single, full-time working mom and I do it all on my own. Maybe it means I’m not perfect, but there is always room for improvement, right?

The last two are adopting lifelong learning and developing emotional intelligence, both I scored somewhat low in. I think I’m on the right track correcting lifelong learning. I’m here (in school again) so I must be on the right path. Developing emotional intelligence, I’ve been working on for years but with my PTSD, its not that simple. PTSD makes me foggy and very emotional, very tough to control. I’ve developed this after a few events in life but after my car accident, that was my breaking point. I tried to get help but all the doctors wanted me to do was take more medication that gave me side effects. I was tired of feeling like crap every day, trying to get through the day and just go to bed again. That’s no the way I want to live.

It’s taking me what seems like forever, but I feel like I’m finally on the right path to my goals, hopes and dreams. Positive thinking goes a long way and my hope is that this blog and others to come help give someone hope and a desire to carry on no matter how difficult it is. There are a few inspirational speakers I listen to, Julie Santiago, Gabby Bernstein and Aviva Romm, MD. I have learned so much about myself by listening to them and making my path my own. They are also bloggers, so this is really exciting for me to use them as mentors and hopefully, maybe have my own blog site!