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About Me


Hi, welcome to Essentially Inspired Photography by Dani Marie - thank you for taking time to stop by!

You probably want to look at what I do – AWESOME! First though, let me tell you a little bit about me, what and why I do what I do.

I am a hard working, strong-willed, single mother who has obtained a Digital Marketing degree and my Business Science degree from Western Technical College and working towards my goal to work from home. My hobby is photography, so I'm trying to combine these two aspects of my life so I can enjoy my hobby by working from home. I worked in healthcare for 11 years and customer service for 20 years. My son is finishing middle school this year and we live on the family farm with our many cats and dog, Eva. Aside from being strong-willed I have a sensitive side to me that has a HUGE heart for little things in life. I’m driven by kind hearted souls that love with all they have, who fight like warriors and laugh in the face of evil negativity.

Photography has become my thing to de-stress. So far, shooting nature, micro, candid and portrait photography has been my thing, but I do want to take step beyond my comfort zone and dabble with other types such as night photography. 

While I’m doing what I love, I’m usually listening to music because I feel music brings out more creativity. I love doing what I do – it helps calm me and helps me find a center in myself. 

Music is a HUGE part of me. It helps me express myself and what I’m feeling. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ~ by Kelly Clarkson is a song that has stuck with me since the day I heard it. It speaks so much truth for me, I love it! Check it out if you haven’t already,

Thanks for taking time to check my stuff out! Want to get into contact with me? SWEEEEEEEET! Shoot me an e-mail, [email protected] or you can even check my Facebook page!







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