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Social Media Content Analysis/Audit

After ‘social listening’ on Facebook and Instagram, I learned why they really do hashtags. I thought it was just a trend, but turns out it really helps for brands, businesses and organizations to promote their services and/or products. Some people do it to be #trendy though too and I think that’s ok for the fun of it. This gave me a better idea of how I should promote my own hobby/business. I also learned that video posts seem to rank the highest in views, comments and sharing for a lot of smaller businesses who are local.

Pictures of food seems to be a trend. Whether its food you cooked/baked yourself or going to a restaurant. The art of food is a big deal. I, myself love food and usually do post a pic of my sushi when I go to #SushiPirate or #VFC (Viroqua Food Coop) because its always amazing there!

My suggestion to Buhi’s Content Marketing Manager is to start a trend when someone buys a bag from Buhi, they encourage the consumer to take a picture of the bag or a selfie with the bag and use hashtags or post a video and add a hashtag.

Buhi should brainstorm active ways to get their audience involved online and advertise that they will give away a prize at the end. This will engage their consumers and bring forth more sales too, possibly.

Some posts would work best if its in a timely manner such as holidays or depending on the time of the year whether its hiking weather or snow shoeing weather.

It’s important to know who your audience is. For instance, college students are a great target for bags and back packs. Also, moms who have purses and diaper bags to carry usually end up with more of a tote type bag for all their personal and baby items. Someone who travels a lot would benefits from several bags at once and typically luggage bags with wheels and handles are great and convenient.

I feel like using a picture of a video that is eye catching, such as the one below will help boost activity. As you can see, Jules is enjoying a beautiful day, looks like she’d going on a little adventure with her backpack. I’m guessing she has a camera and maybe some snacks. You can also see the number of likes and followers on this page.

I love this post. There’s a lot of likes, loves, and quite a few shares as well. I feel like from a photographer standpoint, this image is eye catching. I love the cat tail looking wild grass field, and you can tell there’s a little breeze going on too. Juli is obviously back packing, taking a journey in the outdoors to free herself with her awesome bag.

Events are important to promote and inform people of what is going on and what they can do to partake in festivities. This event sounds like something I’d go to if I lived closer. I’m kind of a sucker for things like this, exploring, walking and taking pics of whatever, I feel is unique and eye catching!

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