Discover DT LaX to Laugh and Relax

Discover DT LaX toLaugh and Relax

 Friday Night Fun!

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re at work all day on a Friday, can’t wait until 5 p.m., and you’re in the mood for a great laugh with food and drinks?

After you laughed your ass off, then take a walk down Riverside Park or take a drive just over the Cass Street bridge to Pettibone Park!

  • Depending on the weather, I love to take a walk-through Riverside to process my thoughts and take in the river.
  • Sometimes I’ll take a book with me to relax or my journal so I can write my soul on paper.
  • I love to take pictures  of the lights that bounce off the river or wildlife that you’ll find lurking around or get creative and take abstract, macro or ‘just fun’ pictures as I like to call them.
  • Polar Plunge is an event La Crosse has every year to raise money for the Special Olympics

My son participated in the Polar Plunge last year IM Discover DT Lax PP Blog photo

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  • Rotary Lights are also put on annually and is run by volunteers and donations from the community
  • Carriage rides
  • Granddad’s Bluff

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