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There is more to life than….

…I want to say paycheck because it’s the truth, however, realistically we all need them. We all have to get a paycheck this day in age if we want to survive. What does it take to survive? The answer is different for different people. In my case, I’m a single, full-time working mother trying to make her goal of working from home happen. I want to be able to use my skills, interests and hobbies together to create beautiful art through photography, crafting and distributing/sharing Young Living.

You might ask what inspired me to start all this.

Several years ago, I was in my first (and hopefully my last) car accident. A friend and I were on our way to pick up my son when the driver of an oncoming vehicle hit us, sending us spinning to the other side of the road and facing the opposite direction. If it wasn’t for my friend’s quick thinking, things would have probably been worse. Thankfully, other than a sprained finger, we were ok but shaken up badly. Being in an accident can mentally scar you for life and have developed PTSD. After years of prescription use that wasn’t working and only giving me side effects, I decided to try a more natural approach. I enjoy learning about energies with crystals and the healing power of prayer, in fact, I get little ‘’geeked out’’ with it.

A few hobbies that help ease my anxieties is photography, crafting and of course my essential oils. There is something about using the sunrise or the golden hour to find the perfect picture, making something beautiful for someone and don’t forget the oils to help relax me! When I’m relaxed the ideas and work just flow. Basically, each picture taken, each piece of jewelry made has a story behind it.

My intent with my website is that I use my content marketing techniques of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to spread and share love.

Here is a link about why I love Young Living specifically.

Here’s a link that I can relate with and why I love photography and how I want to use it as my career someday, not just my hobby.

*proper grammar, spelling and clean talk is out the window in my blogs.

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